Research Infrastructures

Research Infrastructures

Research infrastructures are facilities, resources and services that are used by the research communities to conduct research and foster innovation in their fields.


3rd RICH Symposium, European Research Infrastructures Main Event of the Year

Success Stories

The unique thing about EHRI is that it links all European Holocaust archives to each other. As a result, new research can be done and more knowledge can be…
ESFRI, the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures, is a strategic…
bring together, integrate on European scale, and open up key national and…
E-Infrastructures address the needs of European researchers for digital…
Open Science is the ongoing transition in how research is performed and how…


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H2020 Material

The list of Calls and topics on the Participant Portal (PP) – all proposals are submitted through this system.
Part A and Part B templates for Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) and Innovation Actions (IA).
Commission related documents and reference files such as model grant agreements, rules for submission and evaluation and templates.


Sarit Kimchi
Head of Sector & National Contact Point (NCP) Energy, Environment, Research Infrastructure & Financial tools
Dr. Nili Mandelblit
Director: Nanotechnologies, Advanced materials, Advanced Manufacturing and Processing, Research Infrastructure,Transport, Space