Enabling an operational, open and FAIR EOSC ecosystem

Destination 2 aims to continue to develop the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) in a more cohesive and structured manner so that it becomes a fully operational enabling ecosystem for the whole research data lifecycle. This ecosystem includes FAIR research data commons (a.o. data, services, tools), based on key horizontal core functions, with corresponding e-infrastructures and service layers accessible to researchers across disciplines throughout Europe, leading to a “Web of FAIR Data and Services” for Science.

What are the expected impacts?

Topics under this Destination contribute to the following expected impacts:

  • Transforming the way researchers as well as the public and private sectors create, share and exploit research outputs (data, publications, protocols, methodologies, software, code, etc.) within and across research disciplines, leading to better quality, validation, more innovation and higher productivity of research.
  • Facilitating scientific multi-disciplinary cooperation, leading to discoveries and solutions in key areas such as environment and health.
  • Seamless access to increasing volumes of research data (that are as FAIR as possible).
    and other research outputs stimulating the development and uptake of a wide range of new innovative and value-added services from public and commercial providers.
  • Improving trust in science through increased openness and quality of scientific research in Europe, supported by more meaningful monitoring and better reproducibility and validation of research results, and by improving pathways for the communication of science to the public.

All software developed under this destination should be open source, licensed under a CC0 or CC BY license or equivalent.

All projects that will be financed under this destination are expected to participate in concertation activities in the framework of the EOSC Partnership.