Our Team

Shlomi Kofman
Vice President

International Division
E-mail: shlomi.k@innovationisrael.org.il


Danny Seker
Director: Digital, Industry, Space, Civil Security for Society, EIC Pathfinder and Transition Delegate
Tel: +972-3-5118121
Mob: +972-52-7334127
E-mail: dan@iserd.org.il

Shelly Bachar
Marketing Manager
Tel: +972-3-5118182
E-mail: shelly.bachar@iserd.org.il

Yotam Beit-Yannai
Head of Sector: Civil Security for Society, Space; EIC Pathfinder and EIC Transition
Tel: +972-3-5118167
E-mail: yotam@iserd.org.il

Rachel (Heli) Loutaty
Head of Sector: Digital and Industry; ChistERA, M.ERA-NET, QuantERA, FlagERA, ICT-AGRI-FOOD
Tel: +972-3-5118152
E-mail: rachel.l@iserd.org.il

Judith Bloch
Project Manager: IDEAL-IST (EU funded project)
Tel: +972-3-5118182
E-mail: judith.bloch@iserd.org.il

Nir Shaked
Head of Sector: EIC Accelerator
Tel: +972-3-7157916
E-mail: nir.s@iserd.org.il

Nati Bloch-Damti, PhD
Senior Director Health, Food, Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Climate, Mobility and Research 
Mobile: +972-54-3339792
E-mail: nati.b@iserd.org.il

Asaf Aharon
Head of Sector: Energy; Climate; Environment
Tel: +972-3-5118120
E-mail: asaf.aharon@iserd.org.il

Reut Cohen
Head of Sector: Smart Mobility; Clean Transport; Climate Change; Circular Economy and BioEconomy
Tel: +972-54-9989097
E-mail: Reut.cohen@iserd.org.il

Sarah Chiche
Head of Sector: Health, Food and Agriculture
Tel: +972-3-5118122
E-mail: Sarah.ch@iserd.org.il

Smadar Hirsh
Director: European Research Council (ERC),
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA),
Culture, Creative and Inclusive Society, 
Widening participation and strengthening the European Research Area
Tel: +972-3-5118126
Mob: +972-54-2660110
E-mail: smadar@iserd.org.il

Jessica Stroweis
Head of Sector: European Research Council (ERC) & Culture, Creative and Inclusive Society sector; Legal and Financial NCP
Tel: +972-3-5118171
E-mail: jessica.stroweis@iserd.org.il

Adi Maller
Head of Sector: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA), Widening participation and strengthening the European Research Area
Tel: +972-3-5118178
E-mail: adi.maller@iserd.org.il