EIC Transition Challenge

Targeting specific strategic priorities by maturation and validation of the results achieved in a previous Pathfinder, FET (FET-Open, FET-Proactive, FET Flagships and FET ERAnet calls) or ERC Proof of Concept project, in both technology and market/business dimensions.

What is the EIC Transition Challenge?

  • EIC Transition Challenge is a call for Top – Down proposals that aim to leverage the results of an ongoing or recently finished project in the specific domain of the challenge call detailed and push forward ground-breaking innovations with a clear perspective towards market uptake for specific applications
  • See the work program here

There are three EIC Transition Challenges:

  1. Green digital devices for the future
  2. Process and system integration of clean energy technologies
  3. RNA-based therapies and diagnostics for complex or rare genetic diseases

Who can apply?

  • Transition funding is restricted to applications based on results generated by the following eligible projects:
    • EIC Pathfinder projects (including projects funded under EIC pilot Pathfinder, Horizon 2020 FET-Open, FET-Proactive)
    • FET Flagships calls (including co-funded ERANET calls under the FET work programme)
    • European Research Council (ERC) Proof of Concept projects
  • You will need to demonstrate that you are the owner, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) holder, or have the necessary rights to commercialise the results from one of these eligible projects
  • You can apply either as:
    • A single legal entity (‘mono-beneficiary’) if you are an SME or a research performing organisation (university, research or technology organisation, including teams, individual Principle Investigators and inventors in such institutions who intend to form a spinout company). Larger companies (i.e. which do not qualify as SMEs) are not eligible to apply as a single legal entity; or
    • A small consortium of minimum 2 and maximum 5 independent legal entities (‘multi-beneficiary’) that may for example include universities, research organisations, SMEs or larger companies, user/customer organisations or potential end-users (e.g. hospitals, utilities, industry, regulatory and standardization bodies, public authorities).  

Funding under the EIC Transition scheme

  • Grants of up to EUR 2.5 million (or more if properly justified) to validate and demonstrate technology in application-relevant environment (TRL 4 to 5/6) and develop market readiness
  • The funding rate of this grant will be 100% of the eligible costs + 25% overhead

Additionally, funded projects are eligible to:

  • Receive additional grants with fixed amounts of up to EUR 50,000 to undertake complementary activities to explore potential pathways to commercialisation
  • Submit an Accelerator proposal via the Fast-Track scheme
  • Receive free access to a wide range of Business Acceleration Services 

Submission deadline:

The cut-off dates for 2022 are: 4 May 2022 at 17:00 Brussels local time; 28 September 2022 at 17:00 Brussels local time

Evaluation Process:

  1. It will be first evaluated and scored remotely by EIC expert evaluators. Starting with the highest scoring proposal and in descending order, applicants will be invited to the second step of the evaluation.
  2. The second step is a face to face interview with an EIC jury, during which you should convincingly pitch your proposal to the jury, who will ask you questions aimed at clarifying various aspects of your proposal in line with the evaluation criteria. The jury will recommend your application for funding or not (‘GO’ or ‘NO GO’)

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