European Innovation Council

European Innovation Council

The European Innovation Council: Integrated agile support across the full innovation spectrum from early stage research to start-up and scale-up


Mono-beneficiary acceleration scheme, providing a unique combination of funding…
Early stage project of a radically new technology, with potential to create new…
Targeting specific strategic priorities with early stage development of a…
Maturation and validation of the results achieved in a previous EIC Pathfinder…
Targeting specific strategic priorities by maturation and validation of the…
EU Prizes under the European Innovation Council


Track 37- Providing financial support to companies interested in submitting requests to the EU Framework Program – Horizon Europe
The Horizon Europe info-days will address 9 themes, each featuring a programme of exclusive discussions and hands-on sessions, dedicated to a different cluster or part of the new programme.
Updates and changes to Horizon Europe (HEU)

Horizon Material

Part A and Part B templates for Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) and Innovation Actions (IA).
Commission related documents and reference files such as model grant agreements, rules for submission and evaluation and templates.
Commission manuals and guides for every step of your proposal – from registering your organization, to submitting a proposal, to managing partners in the proposal.