Tackling diseases and reducing disease burden

Research and innovation supported under this destination should help health care providers to able to tackle diseases (infectious diseases, including poverty-related and neglected diseases, non-communicable and rare diseases) and reduce the disease burden on patients effectively thanks to better understanding of diseases, using more effective and innovative health technologies and better ability and preparedness to manage epidemic outbreaks.

Topics under Destination 3 will support activities aiming at:

  • Better understanding of diseases, their drivers and consequences, including pain and the causative links between health determinants and diseases, and better evidence-base for policy-making.
  • Better methodologies and diagnostics that allow timely and accurate diagnosis, identification of personalised treatment options and assessment of health outcomes, including for patients with a rare disease.
  • Development and validation of effective intervention for better surveillance, prevention, detection, treatment and crisis management of infectious disease threats.
  • Innovative health technologies developed and tested in clinical practice, including personalised medicine approaches and use of digital tools to optimise clinical workflows.
  • New and advanced therapies for non-communicable diseases, including rare diseases developed in particular for those without approved options, supported by strategies to make them affordable for the public payer.
  • Scientific evidence for improved/tailored policies and legal frameworks and to inform major policy initiatives at global level.

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