Aims to bring research and researchers closer to the public at large, to increase awareness of research and innovation activities and to boost public recognition of science and research education.


MSCA and Citizens are a European Researchers’ Night supporting public science events that are aimed at increasing public engagement in science and enhancing researchers' interaction with non-research audiences. The science events will give researchers a stage to present scientific achievements and will encourage the public, including young people, to engage in research. 

Who can apply?

Single or multiple organisations from any sector or discipline, from EU Member States or Horizon Europe Associated Countries (e.g. Israel), who wish to organise a public science event. Activities in other countries will not be eligible for funding.

Target group:

The general public, regardless of the level of their scientific background. Focus on students, pupils, families, and notably those who do not have easy access to, and thus are less inclined to engage in, STEAM or research activities.


  • The European Researchers' Night takes place every year, on the last Friday of September, Except for countries which for strong cultural reasons would be prevented from organising any action addressing the public at large on such a date.
  • Supports events that last up to 2 days.
  • Pre-events, prior to the main event, and related post-events, such as wrap-up meetings or small-scale follow-up events, can also be organised.
  • The event(s) should be highlighted as as a European (and Europe-wide) event, and each proposal should promote the European Union and its impact on citizens’ daily life.
  • It is encouraged to involve researches that are funded by Horizon Europe or the previous EU funding framework that began before 2021.
  • Event(s) should promote gender balance, diversity and inclusiveness in science.
  • It is encouraged to focus on the EU Missions' priorities in the event(s).
  • It is encouraged to form artnerships and coordination at regional, national or cross-border levels for a good geographical spread.

Expected impact: 

  • Enhance engagement with citizens on R&I; 
  • Increase awareness among the general public of the importance and benefits of R&I and its concrete impact on citizens’ daily life; 
  • Contribute to the diffusion and the promotion of excellence research projects across Europe and beyond; 
  • Raise the interest of young people in science and research careers; 
  • Contribute to a better understanding of the European Union policies and programmes among the general public; 
  • Promote gender balance and diversity in science, Open Science, and Responsible Research and Innovation. 


EUR 50K to 150K per a single annual event. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of a proposal requesting different amounts.

Activities carried-out in non-associated third countries are not eligible for funding


  • The call closed on October 7, 2021.

The next call is yet to be scheduled.

For more information on the call please refer to the full MSCA-CITIZENS work programme, the MSCA-CITIZENS Guide for Applicants and How to Apply to Horizon Europe MSCA.


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For questions regarding the call and its submission requirements please contact the MSCA team at ISERD.