Innovative space capabilities: SSA, GOVSATCOM, Quantum

Objective: Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and GOVSATCOM innovative components will be developed in the EU Space programme fostered by Horizon Europe R&I. Quantum Technologies, as an emerging field with great potential to be applied in the EU Space programme, requires foundational research and validation activities for its space component. 

  • Space Situational Awareness (SSA) will provide services to European users including spacecraft owners/operators and governmental entities that will reinforce the protection and resilience of European space and ground infrastructures against various threats (collisions in/from space, space weather events, Near Earth Objects). New challenges are posed by the ever increasing orbital population of smaller satellites and space debris and the associated increased risk of orbital collisions and re-entry. R&I activities shall address these challenges by developing novel architectures and technical solutions for ground/space sensors, data processing, networking and operation centers as well as by implementing improved and new services (mitigation; remediation; space weather services). 
  • The GOVSATCOM initiative will provide the EU and Member State authorities with an infrastructure supporting secure critical missions, with the ability to exchange sensitive information in a hybrid threats environment worldwide (including the Arctic) Research and innovation activities will foster the development of European satcom security related technologies and increase European independence from foreign critical technologies and exploiting synergies with Copernicus and Galileo. 
  • Space will pave the way for quantum technologies in EU space infrastructure and for space-based services. It is of highest strategic importance for the EU and its industry to be competitive and to become a global leader in this area. Satellites and space-based applications are playing an increasing role in quantum technologies and will provide enhanced services to EU citizens and allow to overcome limitations and challenges of the current generation of quantum technologies. Therefore, R&I shall foster the development and use of EU sourced space qualified quantum components, including mission design, integration and in-orbit demonstration and validation. In addition, the availability of adequate ground segment infrastructure for testing and validation the quantum space mission needs to be ensured.