Enhanced prevention, detection and deterrence of societal issues related to various forms of crime

Enhanced focus of societal issues and human behaviour related to various forms of crime, including cybercrime, and terrorism, such as violent radicalisation, domestic and sexual violence, or juvenile offenders.

Expected Outcomes: Projects’ results are expected to contribute to the following outcomes:

  • Improved prevention, detection and investigation of domestic violence and sexual assaults, including collection of court-proof crime evidence, which take into account European multicultural dimension, legal and ethical rules of operation, as well as fundamental rights such as privacy, protection of personal data and anonymity of victims;
  • Enriched European common approaches applied by LEAs to fight domestic and sexual violence;  
  • Novel and efficient solutions applied by  security practitioners and policy-makers to protect victims of domestic or sexual violence;
  • Increased awareness of citizens regarding domestic and sexual violence;
  • Improved support in shaping and tuning of regulation on domestic violence and on sexual violence by security policy-makers; 
  • Improved skills, tools and training curricula for LEAs and civil society organisations to prevent and combat domestic and sexual violence.