Citizens are protected against cybercrime

More secure cyberspace for citizens, especially children, through a robust prevention, detection, and protection from cybercriminal activities.

Expected Outcomes: Projects’ results are expected to contribute to the following outcomes:

  • Increased understanding of security practitioners and policy-makers of the prevalence and of the process leading to cyber crimes;
  • Innovative and effective solutions, modern, innovative and validated tools including training curricula, are validated and adopted by European LEAs and all relevant practitioners (civil society organisations) to prevent, online cyber crimes, and providing necessary assistance to potential offenders;
  • Enhanced perception by the citizens that Europe is an area of freedom, justice and security thanks to increased security of citizens; Strengthened ability of security practitioners to identify (new forms of) online identity theft at an early stage thanks to improved knowledge on the modus operandi and new trend
  • Improved cooperation between European LEAs and relevant civil society organisations in preventing this form of crime and supporting victims, taking into account fundamental rights;
  • Improved evidence-based policy-making related to the prevention of wide range of cybercrimes.