Engaging citizens for good governance in cohesion policy

Feb 6, 2020 5:30:00



Time Zone

The Square conference, centre Mont des Arts, Brussels

About the Event

The conference will focus on how to ensure closer cooperation with citizens and civil society in the governance and implementation of Cohesion Policy and management of dedicated EU funds. Through a more active citizens’ engagement, institutions will become even more transparent and accountable, while investments will bring more and bigger results on the ground.

Some key questions to address through the conference are:

  • How can citizens and civil society contribute to good governance in EU Cohesion Policy?
  • How do we bring Cohesion Policy closer to citizens?
  • What are the experiences from cooperation between authorities and citizens across Europe?

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Registrations, coffee and networking 08:30-09:00

Opening and welcome 09:30-09:50

“the What” will provide context and visions on situation today and trends 09:50-11:00

Coffee and networking break 11:00-11:30

“the Why” will look into reasons for involving citizens in Cohesion Policy 11:30-12:30

Lunch 12:30-14:30

Capacity building for authorities and CSOs 14:00-15:00

Monitoring, transparency and accountability – building trust through cooperation 14:00-15:00

Co-creation, ownership and meaningful participation 14:00-15:00

Open data and technology to engage citizens 14:00-15:00

Coffee and networking break 15:00-15:30

Report in plenary by moderators from the breakout sessions 15:30-15:50

Introduction to the political debate 15:50-16:05

“the How”, how citizens and civil society could and should be involved in EU Cohesion Policy 16:05-17:15

Concluding remarks 17:15-17:30

Networking drinks 17:30-18:30