Let’s Meet to Innovate
As leaders in invention, we’re constantly proactive in helping create spaces where people can collaborate with one another. Whether you’re just starting out, or a thought leader in your niche, the events and workshops we advertise are famous for networking, creating, and of course- innovation. 

Below you will find a list of our latest events. Some are run by the Israel Innovation Authority, while others are third-party. These include business seminars and networking events, workshops and hands-on experiences, and forums for discussion and collaboration with the faces behind the cutting-edge R&D we see in Israel today. 

We list and promote events which are hand-crafted to appeal to anyone who is looking to innovate with the support and co-operation of Israeli technology. As an official governmental agency, we can offer the knowledge, policy support, experience and even the funding to help you make the most of these networking breaks and turn them into tangible business opportunities. 

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