Bilateral frameworks providing financial support for collaborative industrial R&D ventures between Israeli and Indian companies.
The Israel Innovation Authority collaborates with Indian counterparts at the federal and state level, as well as with stakeholders in the private sector, to facilitate and implement access to funding schemes dedicated to the development of R&D-driven partnerships between Israeli and Indian companies. These frameworks provide access to the Israel Innovation Authority funding schemes in Israel and to similar, parallel funds in India, as well as provide companies with assistance in identifying potential R&D partners.
Through these frameworks, funding support is provided to joint industrial R&D projects in all technology fields, aimed at the development of products or processes leading to commercialization in the global market.

Calls for Proposals

The Israel Innovation Authority’s International Climate-Tech Program aims to accelerate the development and scaleup of ground-breaking climate technologies by bridging between climate challenges of Global Corporates and Israeli startups,…

Success Stories

How a bottom up and multi-stakeholder approach can assist countries in scaling up drone operations to a national level network and future air mobility
A bilateral framework providing financial support for collaborative industrial R&D ventures between Israeli and Karnataka-based companies.
The Product Adaptation Incentive Program for emerging markets was developed as part of the bi-national incentive programs out of an understanding of…
The incentive program provides support to Israeli companies working with foreign companies on commercialization-directed programs to develop new…


Israel Innovation Authority to Sign Technological Collaboration Agreements With India's Mega Companies Focusing on Agriculture & Water, ICT And Healthcare Technologies
Israel Innovation Authority Announces: Four Joint Projects Between Israeli and Indian Companies to be Awarded $4 Million in Grants Provided by the I4F Fund .
Israel to Supply India with Medical Imaging Technology, Industrial Waste Filtering Systems and Facilities to Combat Fruit Flies


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