Media Tour for Israel National Drone Initiative - 3rd Phase of Pilot



Time Zone

29/09/2021 - 11/10/2021

Target Audience

Target Audience

Media personnel only!


HLS / Public safty
Smart Transportation
Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
Unmanned Systems
Savidor, Tel Aviv

About the Event

This program is intended for Israeli technology companies in the fields of drone operation, drone control and monitoring, as well as technologies designed to locate and manage drone networks intended for operation in urban environment. The programs must promote or provide an infrastructure for implementation and application of innovative technologies for the operation of different types of drones as well as different "Air operator companies" in crowded urban quarters. 

Israel, in the wake of the COVID era, was able to harness all the knowledge gathered around the world and, for the first time in the UAV industry, complete large, complex demonstrations of several U-Space Service Providers (USSP), in one U-Space. This demonstration consisted of 16 UAV companies and providers delivering medical and commercial goods across the larger Tel Aviv area. No other group or nation has yet to test as many groups working together, delivering actual commercial and medical goods in a dense urban area like Tel Aviv.
The Israel National Drone Initiative (INDI), is a joint initiative of the Israel Innovation Authority, Ayalon Highways Co LTD, Civil Aviation Authority of Israel, Israel Ministry of Transportation, and Israel Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) with the support of the World Economic Forum. 

You are invited to cover the 3rd testing phase and experience both the monitoring center and systems controls the areal space in which the drones operate as well as some actual applications of the drones.

Specific schedule will be added closer to the date of the event!


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Savidor, Tel Aviv