European Technology Platforms (ETPs)

Technology Platforms are set up for bringing together companies, research institutions, and any other organizations, with a view to defining, at European level, a common strategic research agenda (SRA) which should mobilize a critical mass of national and European public and private resources. They also address technological and non-technological issues for implementing this agenda.

We encourage Israeli stakeholders to take part in the European discussion regarding the Strategic Agenda in the various domains and to engage with the major players in the European industry that have a major impact on the European technological directions.

Ten key European Technology Platforms have been created in the ICT domain. These are:

Photonics21 is a voluntary association of industrial enterprises and other stakeholders in the field of photonics and optical technology in Europe. Its objective is to better align EU research priorities with industry's needs. This is done by defining the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) and the technology and development roadmap of the field. Photonics21 is also a platform for networking and setting up project consortia for FP7 and other European R&D programs.

SPARC Strategic roadmap for Robotics in Europe: high level strategic overview for the robotics community. This document is also intended to act as an introduction to the European robotics community for non-robotic specialists, policy makers, entrepreneurs and industries intending to use or work within the robotics market.

The Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI)
The Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) was recently initiated by the European Commission in order to develop and support the dialogue and interaction among the Internet of Things (IoT) various players. The overall goal of the establishment of the AlOTI is the creation of a dynamic European IoT ecosystem to unleash the potentials of the IoT.

EPoSS - Smart Systems Integration
The European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration. EPoSS seek to define R&D and innovation needs and policy requirements related to Smart Systems Integration and integrated Micro and Nanosystems.

AENEAS - Nano-electronics
AENEAS is a non-profit industrial association, continuing the activities of the former ENIAC Platform and representing the Nanoelectronics R&D partners in the ENIAC Joint Undertaking.
It allows its members to participate in the Joint Technology Initiatives and provides the European Technology Platform with a legal backbone. 
AENEAS is open to all European key players in Nanoelectronics, such as large industry, Small and Medium Enterprises, research institutes, academia, and associations.

NESSI - Software and Services
Networked European Software and Services Technology Platform. NESSI aims to provide a unified view for European research in Services Architectures and Software Infrastructures that will define technologies, strategies and deployment policies fostering new, open, industrial solutions and societal applications that enhance the safety, security and well-being of citizens.

Artemis - Embedded Systems
The Embedded Systems Technology Platform. Artemis provides a framework for defining and implementing a Strategic Agenda and for integrating research activities in Embedded Systems across the EU.
The Industry Association is open to: SMEs, universities, R&D centres and Large Enterprises. It is a network of more than 200 members.
ARTEMIS vision and goals are presented in the Building Artemis report which has been endorsed by high level executives from the leading stakeholders.

High Performance Computing
High Performance Computing is a key enabler for science, technology and business. Progress in HPC has direct and measurable benefits tackling grand societal challenges and improving national economies and increasing global competitiveness. A stronger HPC value chain can generate value for all stakeholders covering economic, societal, science and technology interests and contribute to worldwide advances in the progress of humankind.

The Mobile and Wireless Communications Technology Platform. NetWorld2020 mission is to reinforce Europe's leadership in mobile and wireless communications and services and to master the future development of this technology, so that it best serves Europe's citizens and the European economy.

NEM - Networked Media
The Networked and Electronic Media Technology Platform. The Objective of the Networked and Electronic Media (NEM) Industrial Initiative is to ensure that Europe is among the world leaders in providing an improved quality of life offered by the explosion of opportunities in the area of Networked and Electronic Media.