Teaming for Excellence

Teaming will support the creation of new centres of excellence or upgrading the existing ones in low R&I performing countries, building on partnerships between leading scientific institutions and partner institutions in low R&I performing countries that display the willingness to engage together for this purpose.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Newly created or upgraded Centers of Excellence in “widening” countries
  • Increased scientific capabilities of the beneficiary institution and the host country enabling them to successfully apply for competitive funding in the EU and globally
  • Improved the R&I culture of the country hosting the co-ordinator through centers of excellence as lighthouses and role models
  • Stimulus for institutional and systemic reforms at national level
  • Mutual learning and two-way benefit from and to the partners from leading scientific institutions from abroad 
  • Development and promotion of new research strands in relevant domains

Type of Action: Coordination and Support action (CSA)
Project Duration: up to six years
Expected EU Contribution per Project: up to 15 million €

Project Composition: Main applicant organisation (the coordinator) established in an eligible country (university or a research organisation, a national/regional authority, or a research funding agency) and at least one university or research organisation from a different country with an outstanding international reputation in research and innovation excellence in the chosen scientific domain.

Evaluation Procedure: A single application evaluated in a two-stage evaluation procedure with a possibility of evaluating the co-financed part (European Fund for Regional Development (ERDF) or other) in the same workflow, to create better synergies with the structural funds and alleviate state aid rules.

  • Dedicated provisions for the ranking and selection of proposals to ensure an appropriate geographical balance of the benefitting countries
  • Attention to the content of the proposal and their cutting-edge R&I excellence. A preparatory research activity may be included

Eligible Costs:

The grant awarded from the Horizon Europe budget will provide substantial support for the start-up and implementation phase of the future Centre of Excellence, including the recruitment of the administrative, technical and scientific personnel. It will also cover expenses related to team members of the future Centre of Excellence.

A minor research component will be accepted not exceeding 10% of the total Horizon Europe grant that may include necessary consumables, small equipment, and personnel for a preparatory research project.

The grant will not support infrastructure cost.

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