Socioeconomic and Cultural Transformations in the Context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Emphasises the technological transformations and the knowledge and digital driven economy that will shape human productivity, and that will require new learning and training models as well as extensive reorientations of the economic system.

This call aims to address the challenges linked to the compounded socioeconomic and cultural origins and effects in Europe of the fourth industrial revolution in a context of globalisation and digitisation, and to provide alternative policy options. Research and Innovation activities will provide new evidence and policy options in order to mitigate or support these transformations with a view to enhancing the diversity of cultures and social bonds, the existing or nascent social and cultural strengths of Europe, as well as reinforcing the social, cultural and economic benefits of the fourth industrial revolution where relevant. They will thus contribute to fostering equitable and sustainable prosperity and culture in the broad sense through objective scientific evaluations, social, cultural and technological innovation, co-creation and bottom-up solutions. The call's activities will also contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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