This includes the areas of Border and External Security (BES), Fight against Crime and Terrorism (FCT) and Disaster Resilient Societies (DRS).

This definition of security deals with R&D and innovation towards establishing disaster-resilient societies, fighting against crime and terrorism, and improving border and external security.

Disaster-Resilient Societies (DRS) –

Securing against, and being prepared for, disasters is one of the central elements of the functioning of any society. The aim is to advance innovation in the society at large, and among first responders, to reduce the loss of human life and to reduce environmental, economic and material damage from natural and man-made disasters, including from climate-related weather events, earthquakes and volcanic events, space weather events, industrial disasters, crime and terrorism threats.

Fight against Crime and Terrorism (FCT) –

The ambition of the activities under "Fight against Crime and Terrorism" is to mitigate potential consequences of crime- and/or terrorism-related incidents or to avoid them. To this end, new technologies and capabilities are required. Human factors and the societal context should be taken into account, whilst respecting fundamental rights, including privacy, protection of personal data and the free movement of persons.

Border and External Security (BES) –

This includes both control and surveillance issues, on land and in the maritime domain, with the goal of enhancing the use of new technologies for border checks.

Relevant Technology Platforms – Technology Platforms are set up to bring together relevant public and private stakeholders.

  • Community of Users (CoU)
    The Community of Users (CoU) enables practitioners to share expertise and discuss policy and facilitate the transfer of information.
  • International Forum to Advance First Responders
    IFAFRI helps the world’s first responders conduct their missions more effectively, safely, and efficiently by providing information that may influence the global market to develop affordable and innovative technology for first responders.
  • European Border Surveillance System (EUROSUR)
    A system for cooperation between the EU Member States in order to improve situational awareness and increase reaction capability at external borders. The aim is to prevent cross-border crime and irregular migration and contribute to protecting migrants' lives.

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