A new research agenda on migration designed to support the need for global governance systems with a solid research generated evidence base.

The aim of the call is to produce evidence-based recommendations for the global and European governance of migration of third country nationals, as well as innovative (including ICT) solutions for the successful integration of migrants into European host societies.

The call contributes to promoting sustainable development, demonstrating a strong commitment to supporting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and contributes to strengthening international cooperation, as well as a better understanding and awareness of the role of international development and regional policies.

Migration call will foster improved responses for the international protection of refugees, the management of forced displacement, and the promotion of more fact-based and accurate discourses and adapted strategies for addressing concerns in host communities.

The call will provide evidence based knowledge on the effects of migration on social systems, the access to and impact on labour markets and the cultural integration of third country nationals, in particular in urban settings.

Solutions will be developed to enhance access to factual information on migration and the regulation of migration of third country nationals, also by involving migrants and their individual experiences in the shaping of narratives, including the gender dimension, and by promoting international cooperation where relevant.

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