Maintaining an innovative, sustainable and globally competitive health industry

EU health industry is more innovative, sustainable and globally competitive thanks to improved up-take of breakthrough technologies and innovations, which makes the EU with its Member States more resilient and less dependent from imports with regard to the access to and supply of critical health technologies

Destination 6 will focus on research and innovation activities that aim at:

  • Novel methodologies and metrics adapted to new tools, technologies, digital solutions and interventions for their assessment, validation and translation into health care practice, including ethical aspects, their societal impact and integration into regulatory frameworks, and for allowing swift access by health care providers, patients and healthy citizens.
  • Regulatory authorities supported with better methodologies and interdisciplinary approaches to assess new health technologies and interventions.
  • Safe and clinically validated tools, technologies and services developed and delivered by European health industry that meet the needs of citizens, patients, health care providers and systems.
  • Greener pharmaceuticals and health technologies.

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