Innovation in SMEs calls (INNOSUPs)

Funding schemes to support better innovation eco-systems for SMEs

What is INNOSUP?

  • The goal of the European open calls of the work program for innovation in small-and-medium-sized-enterprises (2018-2020), is to help strengthen the dynamism and the resilience of the SME innovation ecosystem in Europe.

  • Globalization, high-degree of interconnectivity and new technological advancements, have forced many SMEs to reinvent not only their products and services, but also their business and organizational models, in view of staying competitive in a fast-paced economy.

  • This work program consists of innovation-support measures, in particular aimed at facilitating SME access to customers, capital and competences, the latter especially in the domains of business, innovation and intellectual asset management.

  • The actions are designed to provide opportunities to Member States and regions to enhance their services through collaboration, peer-learning, and testing new approaches for better innovation support (in areas such as blockchain technologies or workplace innovation, etc). 

  • Calls are, generally, directed to players which nurture and support innovative SMEs, such as innovation agencies, industrial clusters, innovation associations from different kinds and sectors, etc. Some of the calls are intended to continue and back European innovation-support existing schemes such as the EEN (Enterprise Europe Network)  and Eureka/ Eurostars .

Information about Innovation in SMEs calls

  • Background information, goals and vision for the Innovation in SMEs calls can be found in the EU's work program; which also consists of estimated timeframes for operations. 

  • In the Funding and Tender Opportunities Portal (SEDIA) one could see which of these calls are open.

  • All the INNOSUP winning projects and participants are available in H2020 INNOSUP data hub; additional info and past calls can also be seen on INNOSUP's page of EASME website (EASME – European Agency for SMEs).


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