Horizon Europe Novelties

Updates and changes to Horizon Europe (HEU) based on the most recent knowledge about the new Framework Programme

Horizon Europe is in many ways a direct continuation of its predecessor – Horizon 2020. However, important changes to the way the programme is implemented have been made by the Commission to make it more accessible to the beneficiaries and more harmonised with other EU programmes.

This section includes links to existing resources that provide an overview of the changes that have already been confirmed for the next programme. We hope that this dedicated section will make it easier to find the relevant information on the changes made to the rules of the programme when compared to Horizon 2020. It will be continuously updated with the latest information and links to relevant articles, factsheets and webinar recordings. 

A list of Horizon Europe abbreviations can be found on ISERD's dedicated page

All changes and updates are based on the most recent knowledge about the new FP, and are subject to change based on final versions of documents and agreements.

Calls and Topics

  • Use ISERD's leaflets on the different topics to help find the right one for you
  • The structure for each Topic has been updated -
    • Specific Conditions Table - With information on the TRL, budget per topic and per project, type of action and funding rate
    • Expected Outcomes - Replacing the 'Expected Impact' section - This section will detail the outcomes of the project and will correspond to the 'Impact' section of the proposal 
    • Scope - Combining the previous 'Specific Challenge' and 'Scope' sections - This section will detail the challenge and will correspond to the 'Excellence' section of the proposal 
  • There will be fewer cases of Topics with sub topics
  • There will be more multi-annual topics
  • There will be more two stage calls 
  • Applications for pre-commercial procurement (PCP) actions and public procurement of innovative solutions (PPI) actions must be submitted by a ‘buyers’ group’
  • Calls launched under Partnerships and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), and Co-funded partnerships will appear on the F&T Portal 
  • No change to funding schemes - Maintaining the funding rules of up to 100% funding (for RIA actions) + 25% overhead in all cases