Governance for the Future

Radical ideologies and societal polarisation, which take into account changing European and international geopolitical realities.

“Governance for the Future“ call aims to enhance the evidence base and provide sound policy and technological options, in order to develop adapted governance structures at various relevant levels. 
The call addresses the very foundations of governance and democracy, by supporting the collection of new evidence and the development of policy options in key constitutional and institutional areas, such as social rights in Europe, trust, citizenship, differentiation in the EU, open innovation, security and defence policy, digital democracy and also the delivery of public goods and the governance of the digital single market and of the European cloud infrastructure for public administration. Populism, polarisation and radicalisation are addressed from the angle of inclusive and reflective societies.
International cooperation is also required in topics on global governance and violent extremism in the broader MENA region and the Balkans.

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