Fast Track to Innovation (FTI)

A grant of up to 3 million Euros, for a small industrial consortium (3-5 partners), dedicated to co-creation and joint track for commercialization of a disruptive technology or product.

What is the Fast Track to Innovation?

  • The Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) is an innovation support scheme, under the European Framework Programme Horizon 2020.

  • This program helps fund breakthrough innovation projects, in small industrial consortiums, 3-5 participants, which are close-to-market (From TRL 6 to 8). 

  • The consortia can include a variety of entities, such as SMEs, academia, governmental authorities, end-users, corporates etc. At least three participants from different EU Member States or associated countries

  • Projects are encouraged to be interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral and consist of diverse stakeholders. There is an emphasis on co-creation and market take up (up to 2-3 years). See the work program here.

  • Grant per consortium from 1 to 3 million €; receiving 70% of the amount needed for the project + 25% overhead (~87.5%). Non profit organizations receive 100% funding.

  • The consortia must be industry oriented, meaning:

    • 60% of the budget should go to industry, or;

    • 2 industry participants out of a consortia of 3, or;

    • 3 industry participants out of a consortia of 4-5

  • Evaluation is done remotely by 4 independent evaluators.

When to submit and in what subjects?

  • There are no remaining cut-offs for this scheme.

  • There are no limits on re-submissions

  • All subjects are eligible for funding, in a 'bottom-up' approach

Business Acceleration Service

Winning SMEs in FTI are eligible for business acceleration support and up to 12 days of  coaching services

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