Support to universities or research organisations from eligible countries to attract and maintain high-quality human resources under the direction of an outstanding researcher and research manager (the 'ERA Chair holder'), and to implement structural changes to achieve excellence on a sustainable basis.

Expected Outcomes:

Proposals for topics under this Destination should set out a credible pathway to contributing to the following expected impact:

  • Inciting institutional reforms in research institutions in widening countries
  • Better use existing research infrastructures and populate them with excellent talents
  • Attract first-class talents and turn them into game changers in institutions
  • Revert brain drain
  • Improved linkages and increased mobility between academic and business, notably by overcoming sectoral barriers
  • Free circulation of knowledge and expertise in line with ERA priorities
  • Improve gender balance and equal opportunities

Type of Action: Coordination and Support action (CSA)
Project Duration: up to 5 years.
Project Composition: A university or a research organisation established in a Widening country as mono-beneficiary or as coordinator in case of partnership with the legal entity employing the prospective ERA Chair holder.

Evaluation Procedure: Single-stage evaluation procedure.

  • Dedicated provisions for the ranking and selection of proposals to ensure an appropriate geographical balance of the benefitting countries
  • Attention to the content of the proposal and their cutting-edge R&I excellence. A preparatory research activity may be included

Eligible Costs:

  • Expenses related to the ERA Chair holder and a number of team members (e.g. their salaries, recruitment costs, administrative costs, travel and subsistence costs) 
  • Research costs up to 10% of the EU contribution.
  • Contribution towards measures aimed at facilitating structural changes in the institution (e.g. costs for trainings, meetings, publications and managing Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).