The EIC Accelerator Pilot (SME Instrument)

Mono-beneficiary acceleration scheme, including a grant up to 2.5 million Euro for scale-up and commercialization of a disruptive product, belonging to an excellent high-growth-potential company.

What is the EIC Accelerator Pilot?

  • The EIC Accelerator is a financing and acceleration scheme for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), under the European Framework Programme Horizon 2020.

  • This program is intended for SMEs with a groundbreaking product \ service \ process \ business model, who are conducting close-to-market R&D. See the work program here.

  • From the EU's perspective, SMEs will lead the economy of the future and therefore they merit this support. Thus, The focus is not only on the project for which you ask funding, but on the empowerment of the company and EU impact. See hereleaflet on SME Instrument phase 2 winners.  

  • A Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) is defined:

    1. less than 250 employees

    2. less than 50 million Euros in annual turnover or less than 43 million Euros of balance sheet

    3. Established in the EU or in an Associated Country

Funding under the EIC Accelerator scheme

  • Grant between 500,000€ to 2.5€ million for the winners. 

  • The company receives 70% of the amount needed for the project + 25% overhead (~87.5%).

  • Used for a full-fledged project that can take between 12-24 months, when its goal is to market the innovative product- scale-up a prototype and advance in close-to-market R&D towards market uptake

  • From the last cut-off in 2019, applicants could ask for blended finance of a grant (up to 2.5M Euros) and equity (up to 15M Euros). 

  • The evaluation of proposals are done in two steps: 

    • Remotely by 4 independent evaluators

    • Face-to-face interview conducted in Brussels.

When to submit and in what subjects?

  • There are no remaining cut-offs for this scheme.

  • All subjects are eligible for funding, in a 'bottom-up' approach

  • The 07.10 cut off will have additional opportunities for companies with women CEOs (or equivalent positions)

  • There are no limits on re-submissions

Business Acceleration Service

The EIC Accelerator scheme operates as a business accelerator. Thus, it offers winners additional business acceleration support and coaching services

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