Development of applications from the EU Space Programme components

Objective: We need to make the best use of EGNSS and Copernicus capacities for EU citizens, companies and society. Research and innovation should therefore foster the development of EGNSS downstream applications and promote their adoption in the EU and worldwide, in particular in long lead-time markets (e.g. maritime, rail, aviation), and in areas where Galileo offers unique differentiators (high accuracy, authentication, Search and Rescue, PRS).

Copernicus based applications and services can serve, for example, polar research, monitoring of the environment, maritime and coastal monitoring, natural disasters, migration, agriculture and can bring, with EMODnet and EGNSS, a key contribution to the European Green Deal. The public sector should be supported as customer of space based technologies via innovation procurement. Synergies between Galileo/EGNOS and Copernicus, as well as synergies with non-space programmes will open new avenues for a wealth of new and innovative applications and services, still to be invented.