Democracy and Governance

Actions will reinvigorate democratic governance and improve trust in democratic institutions and will help safeguard fundamental rights to empower active and inclusive citizenship. 

The implementation of the research activities of the destination will assist in the reinvigoration and modernisation of democratic governance. The aim is to develop evidence-based innovations, policies and policy recommendations, as well as institutional frameworks that expand political participation, social dialogue, civic engagement, gender equality and inclusiveness. Activities will also contribute to enhancing the transparency, effectiveness, accountability and legitimacy of public policymaking. They will help improving trust in democratic institutions, safeguarding liberties and the rule of law, and protecting democracy from multidimensional threats. Rich historical, cultural and philosophical perspectives, including a comparative dimension, will set the frame for soundly understanding present developments and help to map future pathways. In the medium to long term, the knowledge, data, scientifically robust recommendations and innovations generated will enhance decision making on all aspects relevant to democratic governance. As the Destination aims directly at citizen engagement, and at producing lasting change, it is of particular importance that the research and innovation actions promote the highest standards of transparency and openness, going beyond ex-post reporting of results and opening up the process, criteria, methodologies and data to civil society in the course of the research.

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