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Better customs and supply chain security

Improved customs and supply chain security through better prevention, detection, deterrence and fight of illegal activities involving flows of goods across EU external border crossing points and through the supply chain, minimising disruption to trade flows.

Expected Outcomes: Projects’ results are expected to contribute to the following outcomes

  • Improved detection of threats and dangerous and illicit goods by practitioners and operators  within the post and parcel flows, without disruption to the flow;
  • Improved capacity of  practitioners and operators to deny the misuse of the postal and parcel service by criminal or terrorist group to move items;
  • Improved risk assessment, preparedness and reaction capacities in the postal and parcel service. 
  • Improved capability of customs and border authorities, at land, sea and/or air border crossing points, to detect drugs, illicit goods, weapons, explosive and other threats concealed on individuals or within their bodies, in the operational environment of border crossing points; 
  • Safer, more efficient and more easily deployable solutions for detection compared to the state of the art are used by customs and border authorities , in particular avoiding ionizing radiation and minimizing any safety risk to users and operators and ensuring respect of fundamental rights.