Artificial Intelligence

The aim is to scale up Artificial Intelligence (AI) capacities of LEAs across Europe, close their AI skills gap, create synergies and tackle more efficiently their major challenges

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to any machine or algorithm that is capable of observing its environment, learning, and that, based on the knowledge and experience gained, can take intelligent actions or propose decisions.

There are many different technologies that fall under this broad AI definition and they very much refer to machine learning, data science, robotics, internet of things and use of big data. Furthermore, many applications of AI have already started to appear in our everyday lives, from image recognition to machine translations or music generation, or very soon might become our reality, such as connected and autonomous vehicles or medical diagnostics.

The European Commission has been increasing its investment into AI, and is currently working on creating a 'Coordinated Plan on AI'. The plan will help create an expert group that will make recommendations on policy and investment, and set guidelines on the ethical development of AI. The goal set forth by the Commission is to understand how AI can impact security in three dimensions:

  • How AI could enhance the objectives of the security sector;
  • How AI technologies can be protected from attacks;
  • How to address any potential abuse of AI for malicious purposes.

All this in addition to the potential applications of AI in fields such as weapons, autonomous vehicles and the digital economy. 
For more information on the Commission's plan, expert group and ethics recommendations, see the recent Newsletter on AI published by SEREN4 – the Secure Societies NCP network.

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