Informal exploratory talks for association to Horizon Europe


Multilateral research and innovation initiatives are the most effective way to tackle challenges facing our world - climate, health, food, energy and water - that are global by nature. Working together reduces the global burden, pools resources and achieves greater impact.

Following the political agreement on the text of the Horizon Europe (HE) regulation reached by the EU co-legislators on 11 December 2020, informal exploratory talks have been initiated by the DG R&I unit responsible for the Horizon Europe associations with those third countries who have formally expressed an interest in becoming associated to the Horizon Europe Framework Programme.

On 12 January 2021 such discussions took place with Tunisia, on 25 January with Georgia, on 26 January with Ukraine, on 27 January with Israel and on 28 January with Moldova. Meetings are planned for 2 February with Armenia and 5 February with the Faroe Islands.

For Ukraine, the meeting included as well a discussion on association to the Euratom Research and Training Programme. Other meetings have also been scheduled and the exploratory  talks will be held with all these third countries in due course.

This information will be regularly updated.

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