The Marie Curie Alumni Association General Assembly and Annual Conference

Mar 28, 2020 5:00:00



Time Zone

The Westin Zagreb Krsnjavoga 1 Zagreb, 10000 Croatia

About the Event

Democracy, rooted in the earliest of our western society, literally means “rule by people”. 

But what does it really mean today and how does it manifest in our life? 

We live in a world that is brought closer together by the digital revolution, and yet we face growing tensions that tear nations apart. We now have the technological means of direct democracy, and yet we must question if this is the best form of government. We have the power to reach thousands of people and spread data-based facts with the press of a button, and yet our socials are polluted with fake news and computational propaganda. 

What is our role, as citizens and researchers, in this fast-changing landscape? 

The MCAA 7th General Assembly and Annual Conference will serve us as a forum to discuss and challenge our beliefs. Following the success of last year conference, MCAA 2020 event will be the best opportunity to network with brilliant researchers from all around the world, to attend thought-provoking sessions with renowned speakers, and to browse our career fair.

Come and join us on a metaphorical agora, where we can connect, debate and grow. Together. 

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