Gender Perspectives in Scientific Research: History, Epistemology and Networks

Sep 14, 2020 9:00:00



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Campus Csic C/ Serrano 117, 28006 Madrid

About the Event

The gender perspective in research reveals a number of biases that have historically been reproduced in all scientific fields. Gender analyses reveal the dominant androcentrism in science, its practices, its theories and conceptualizations, in what questions are asked, how they are asked and answered.
The aim is to critically address various aspects of knowledge, and it is hoped that the revelation of examples of historical mutations and discrimination on the grounds of gender and sexuality will force a rethinking of the notions of genealogy, knowledge, tradition and genius. It is also understood that rigorous academic reflection and debate on these issues is an useful complement to the XI European Congress on Gender Equality in Higher Education.

Thematic areas:

– Contributions of women in scientific fields
– Gender biases in scientific theories and practices as well as proposals and strategies to overcome them.
– Historical process of incorporation of women into scientific communities
– Sociological analysis of the situation of women in different scientific disciplines.
– Gender perspective and epistemology
– Proposals and strategies to overcome androcentrism in the scientific field
– Thematic knowledge networks from a gender perspective, with special focus on Iberoamerican countries.

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