Secure Societies (SEC)

Secure Societies (SEC)

Foster secure European societies in a context of unprecedented transformations and growing global interdependencies and threats, while strengthening the European culture of freedom and justice.

The Secure Societies Work Programme is divided into the areas as defined by the European Commission - Protecting the critical infrastructure of Europe (INFRA); disaster resilient societies (DRS); fight against crime and terrorism (FCT); border and external security (BES); and digital security (DS - Cyber).

Success Stories

As organised crime and terrorist networks grow, aided by encrypted online communications and the 'dark web', an EU-funded project is developing new…
The aim is to protect the infrastructure of Europe and the people in European…
The aim is cybersecurity, digital privacy and data protection.
This includes the areas of Border and External Security (BES), Fight against…


For more information on the Commission's plan, expert group and ethics recommendations for AI see the recent Newsletter on the subject
Cascade Funding, also known as Financial Support for Third Parties (FSTP), is a European Commission mechanism to simplify the administrative procedures by allowing some EU-funded projects to issue open calls for further funding
Interested in becoming an expert for the European Commission and evaluate project proposals?

Useful Information

A library of useful tools, presentations, links and other material to help you with your Secure Societies proposal.

H2020 Material

Part A and Part B templates for Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) and Innovation Actions (IA).
Commission related documents and reference files such as model grant agreements, rules for submission and evaluation and templates.
Commission manuals and guides for every step of your proposal – from registering your organization, to submitting a proposal, to managing partners in the proposal.


Danny Seker
Director: Information & Communication Technologies (ICT), Future & Emerging Technologies (FET), Secure Societies (SEC)
Talia Passiar
National Contact Point (NCP) - Head of Sector Secure Societies (SEC)

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