The objective of the H2020 Societal Challenge 5 'Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials' is to achieve a resource – and water – efficient and climate change resilient economy and society, the protection and sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystems, and a sustainable supply and use of raw materials.

Success Stories

An EU-funded project developed new knowledge and techniques to improve how cities manage their wastewater and make Europe more resilient to climate change.
The Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw material Work…
PRIMA's mission: To achieve, support and promote integration, alignment…
Technology Platform: European Technology Platform for Water (WssTP) The…


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H2020 Material

The list of Calls and topics on the Participant Portal (PP) – all proposals are submitted through this system.
Part A and Part B templates for Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) and Innovation Actions (IA).
Commission related documents and reference files such as model grant agreements, rules for submission and evaluation and templates.


Dr. Hagit Schwimmer
Director: Health, demographic change and wellbeing; Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research ,bioeconomy and biotechnology; Secure, clean and efficient energy; Climate action, environment, resource
Dr. Dikla Lankry-Timnah
National Contact Point(NCP) - Head of sector Secure, clean and efficient energy;Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials

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