Results Ownership List

  • As one of the main changes to project implementation under Horizon Europe, the European Commission has introduced the obligation for consortia to produce a 'Results Ownership List' (ROL) as part of the final report for projects
  • The purpose of these lists is to clarify ownership of project results and to help improve the process for exploitation of these by project partners and, where relevant, third parties. 
  • As detailed in the draft Horizon Europe Model Grant Agreement, the ROL must provide data on which organisations/individuals have the right to specific project results, where these are shred via 'joint ownership' and how they can be accessed by third parties.
  • Although more guidance is forthcoming, as a minimum, the data must include details of whether the result has single or joint ownership, the name of the owner(s), the country of establishment of the owner(s) and whether the results will be exploited by the owner(s).
  • The list will be compiled as a form to be submitted as part of the final reporting process for each grant.