Project Data Sheet

The Horizon Europe Model Grant Agreement will now include the addition of a summary 'Data Sheet' as part of the 'Core part' of the document. 

The aim of the data sheet is to provide the most important information about the project (e.g. reporting deadlines, budget of the participating organisations, etc.) at a glance. Consequently, the participants will no longer need to log in to the online Grant Management System to get the basic information about their project.

The data sheet is a complete novelty in Horizon Europe - it did not exist in Horizon 2020 and the Commission decided to 'borrow' the idea from other EU programmes. It will include the following project details:

  1. General Data;
  2. Participants;
  3. Grant;
  4. Reporting, payment and recoveries;
  5. Consequences of non-compliance, applicable law and dispute settlement forum; &
  6. Specific rules for Annex 5 & standard time-limits after the project's end.

Further information can be found on p.10 - 18 of the Horizon Europe draft Model Grant Agreement.